Additional Writings

In addition to writing fiction novels and series, I also write poetry and creative nonfiction. Some topics I enjoy exploring are spirituality, gender, politics, social issues, and identity. Below is a list of other publications and locations where you can find my writing. For some excerpts of my writing, visit my profile on Wattpad and my blog on the home page.

Leneia a’Min & An Earthen Collision

Graduate Poetry Workshop, San Jose State University. Leneia a’Min & an Earthen Collision, 2022.

During my 2022 fall semester at SJSU I took a graduate poetry workshop class to fulfill the requirements for my secondary genre (poetry). This class was centered around our own theoretical concerns and research creation. Every student was tasked with researching a part of their life, a passion, an occupation, or an obsession, and recording it in poetics and art. For this project I decided to explore the collision and convergence of Leneia a’Min Maserna, dance, Byzantine chant, and Eastern Orthodoxy. The link listed will guide you to the website that I made in class that explains, explores, and reveals my project and its many layers. You can also find the craft essays for this project in the blog category “Craft Essays.”

“Colors gave us enough to bury our Past”

Dillydoun Review, Issue 8. September 2021.

This poem was originally written in the Fall of 2020 for my poetry writing class during my undergrad. This poem was special to me because its ability to express parts of my life that I was unable to process through dancing or traditional narrative. Special thanks to my professors at Aquinas College for your assistance and guidance! Without you, I would have never ventured into the land of poetry.

The Farewell Letters

Online Publication. 2021.

This “collection of letters” is a four part series of prose poetry that addresses both my reflections on the past and my hopes for the future. As I prepared to move across the country to pursue my Master’s of Fine Arts, I found that these letters were necessary as I processed this intense transition. You can also find these letters in the blog category “The Farewell Letters.”

100 Knots With 4 Beads: Processing & Reflecting

SAMPLER 33. Aquinas College, 2021.

A short creative nonfiction piece that describes my process of creating a 100 knot prayer rope (an Orthodox equivalent to a Catholic rosary). Only the first part of 100 Knots With 4 Beads was published in the SAMPLER 33. Parts 2 and 3 will hopefully be published in other magazines and journals in coming years.

**Link unavailable. Physical copies of the SAMPLER 33 only available through Aquinas College.

“It’ll pass, it always does. And–“

SAMPLER 33. Aquinas College, 2021.

This poem was a response to a set of nightmares, dreams, and difficult personal experiences. In this poem, I describe my process of entering a new stage in my life, accepting the unknown future, and establishing my independence. I anticipate publishing more poems in the near future.

**Link unavailable. Physical copies of the SAMPLER 33 only available through Aquinas College.