What’s Up With My Triple Trilogy?

In my post “The Next Project: Exploring War and Systems of Existence” I mention that I stumbled across one of my longest manuscripts, and during my undergrad I began to renew it, develop it, and rework it into something grander. As I said before, and I’ll say it again, this project is coming back with a vengeance. As of the last year or two, this project has turned into a complete triple trilogy series, taking place in multiple galaxies and across a plethora of cultures, languages, and wars. Officially, this project is known as the Wars of Vedam Series.

Yes, I know, it’s ambitious. And yes, I know I’m probably crazy. But where would the fun be if I wasn’t a little devious?

Here’s a sneak peak of the series…

Orphans Hera Ruelle and Rhea Seraudd are used to the Jecalor Regime’s cruel annual medical tests. But this time, it’s different. During their tests, it’s quickly discovered that Hera possesses power that the Regime has been hunting for years. To avoid having her powers taken—and really to avoid being killed for her power—Hera initiates an escape plan, but she’s not alone. With the help of their closest friends, Hera Ruelle and Rhea Seraudd must escape the nation’s third most fortified city, and maybe then can they uncover what the Regime really wants with Hera’s power.

At first glance, this story is a regular rag to heroes trope with a hint of sci-fi elements and political commentary. Yet, the rest of the story is infused with magical creatures and complex societies with thousands of years of history, and mostly war. Within just a few chapters, it’s revealed that a new war has begun and Hera Ruelle, Rhea Seraudd, and all their friends are right in the middle of it.

So what themes am I exploring? What do you have to look forward to? There’s a lot, really…a triple trilogy’s worth of themes and awesome stuff.

Some of the most central themes that I look forward to exploring are the complexities of war, the use of space, the intricacies of heroism and coming-of-age, and the pressures of society to fulfill premature destinies. These themes, as well as countless others, have been significant to my personal growth over the years, either in my educational career, my dancing, or just my everyday life. As questions have sat with me over time, I can finally channel them into something grand. In this series, I can reveal more than my own perspective on these themes and issues, but also provide readers with an opportunity to review the world differently—even if it’s a fictional world. Overall, watching these themes come together has been a really interesting journey, especially as our world experiences some of these things in real time (intentional? Quite possibly…).

Now what do my readers have to look forward to? Well, a lot.

One of the most significant improvements in my writing has been in my character development. In the series, you’ll get to follow at least 5 characters and witness their relationships and friendships, their own journeys to internal/external empowerment, and their Strengths and weaknesses (yes, Strengths is capitalized purposefully). Many of these characters have been with me for years and have been moved from other stories to be recreated into dynamic and complex individuals that sweep you away to the System of Vedam.

Another exciting part of this series is definitely the storyline. If you’ve seen my social media recently, you’ve probably noticed my extensive chaos wall. Well, that’s only a small part of what I have in store! Currently, the first trilogy of my series is almost completely mapped out with extensive backstories, religious structures, antagonist plotlines, governmental corruption, and interdimensional secrets. Of course, I won’t overwhelm my dear readers with it, but if you pay close attention, you may get a glimpse into Vedam and beyond. There are so many surprises in store!

This work-in-progress is by far my most ambitious undertaking, but it’s been worth it so far and I can’t wait to see where it goes! In a couple months I hope to share more about how I plan to incorporate this into my Master’s thesis with the discussion of space, believability, and worldbuilding.

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