Writing, Meditation, and Mindfulness

This month has been spent between states of meditation and prayer and intense stress. From the stress of the semester, the intensity of Lent, Holy Week, and Pascha, and the increased responsibilities of a new job, I found myself unable to write. Yet, I’ve found myself thinking critically about my writing, more than ever before.

Due to my stress and own insecurities, I decided to download a meditation and mindfulness app, and its both helped me with my writing, and also reminded me of how to approach my writing.

Writing is meant to be a meditation: a place where creativity can heal wounds and rebuild positive foundations in the mind. However, due to my redirected focus and my perspective of writing as a product instead of an art, I’ve misdirected my efforts in writing.

As a response to my stress and this re-discovery of my writing, I decided to adjust my approach to writing and the publishing industry. I changed my username, deleted posts, organized my files, began reorganizing my chaos wall, and deleted accounts. Instead, I’ve decided to use my time to intentionally connect with others and focus on the betterment of my writing and myself so that I have more to offer my readers than just a name and some words. I want to be authentic and real for my readers, and by branding my writing as a product, I’ve distanced myself from them.

Besides my writing, this practice of mindfulness has also reminded me to investigate all parts of life. I’ve spent much of the last few months (and maybe years) in a bubble, hoping that my ideals will be met by simply working hard. This is mostly true, but not completely. I’ve learned that my ideals must be achieved through adventure and investigation and uncomfortable situations. These things will inform my writing as well as my dancing, spiritual life, education, and teaching.

This blog is short and sweet, but maybe it’s better that way. I hope to eventually connect with my readers and create enriching and fulfilling relationships with them, as the authors I’ve read have done for me, simply by sharing their stories with me through the art of writing.

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