The Writing Process Pt. 1: Quick Tips & Ideas

The most common question that people ask me is “what’s your writing process?”

The truth? It’s different for everyone.

Personally, I write down ideas as I think of them, either in the notes app on my phone or in a notebook. I’ll sit on the idea for a while. When I finally sit down to transfer the idea onto a document or notebook, the idea has either run away or the concept has completely morphed into something fantastic!

From there, the idea will merge into the other plots that I have laid out, or stay written down on some never-ending list of nonsensical words that actually mean something wonderfully marvelous.

Anyways, the truth behind the writing process is this:

Write, think, and plan the way YOU think is best!

If you try to fit into some brainstorming activity that makes no sense to you, or you try create a huge cork board of interconnected dots and strings that end up leaving you more confused than before, then you’re not going to get very far.

Try small things first and then build.

Make a list, or use highlighters to coordinate ideas with different plots. Are you a marker board lover? Write down ideas in different colors or different styles. Can’t get enough of those hard cover (or leather bound) notebooks? I know I love them! Find a notebook just for ideas and use 1-2 pages to extrapolate on each idea. Have an extra cork board around? Pin up and new idea when you think of it! Maybe you’ll turn into an awesome plot geographer with those strings and pins…

Start small, work towards the path that works best for you, and you’ll figure it out.

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